Saturday, March 15, 2014

Writing mojo, blogs, and paradox

I read blogs.  I don't follow them religiously but drift over to them to check out what some of my favorite thinkers are thinking.  I've been thinking about my own blog and wondering about the things I think.  This blog has seen some spotty authorship from me at best.  Partly because a lot of my writing mojo is poured into sermons that are posted elsewhere.

I'm also biased toward in-person conversation, literally bodies hanging out together.  Talking while working together, playing together, making the world better together.  You get the idea.  Occasionally I'll sit with someone or a few someones and one of them will ask why I don't blog.  I point at them and at me and say, "This, this is what I do, I'm an in-person kind of person."  That makes the blog world trickier.  But I also like the bigger conversation of the blogosphere - getting to be in a conversation with people that I don't get to meet in the general flow of life.  In-person is cool and being connected into a larger conversation is cool.  Let it be known, paradoxes are also among my favorite things - two things that get to be true at the same time.