Saturday, December 29, 2012

"Do you have any pastoral words... help in this tragic time of ct?"  This question came to me via text the Friday afternoon of the killings in Newtown.  My heart, already broken open, dropped into my feet.

The texter went on to say,
"It's so hard to comprehend.  I'm trying to focus on the majority of love and good in our world." 

My answer?
"That is a good place to focus.  Any words of explanation are insufficient for the loss of life and the loss of innocence for those who survived and those grieving.  I just know that, for me, believing in a God who died on a cross gives me hope that God is there.  Where else would God be but with those who are suffering and dying at the hands of an evil act?  At the end of the day, the "why" question is unanswerable.  So we are left with turning to each other with love and hanging on...because, as you say, love is still out there too."

Insufficient?  Absolutely.  Honest?  Yes.  Pastoral?  Don't know.

I simply know that God's presence, God's power, baby-sized into skin and solidarity among us, is the hope I defiantly celebrate during these 12 days of Christmas.